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Un testo inedito in lingua inglese (1981) di Françoise Bastide, la miglior semiologa del discorso scientifico.
Un’applicazione semiotica didatticamente esemplare a due esempi testuali: uno scientifico di K. P. Games, M. E. Baker, Determination of geomagnetic archaeomagnitudes from clay pipes ed uno letterario (e politicamente scorretto) di Frederick Brown, Cat Burglar.
The semiotic analysis of discourse
Introduction: short historical introduction to Greimas’ theory of discourse.
Part 1: Models for the analysis.
1 Semio-narrative structures. a) The narrative program (giving and taking). b) Acquisition of competence
2 Discursive structures a) The quest pattern. b) .The .message communication pattern.
3 Valorisation of actions and objects. a) Themes and thematic roles. b) Spatial and temporal organisation.
b) Semiotic square. c) Modalities
4 Semantic organisation. a) Isotopies.
5 Generative path: simulation of text production. a) Abstract and figurative. b) Focalisation and perspective. c) Enunciative choices: shifting, truth effect.
Part 2:Text analysis.
1 How to proceed in a semiotic analysis? a) Segmentation.
b) The circulating Object. c) The narrative analysis. d) The semantic analysis.
2 Study of a short scientific report a) Segmentation of the text, delimitations of narrative units. b) The circulating Object. c) Narrative analysis. d) Semantic analysis. e) Refutation of possible objections.
Selected bibliography Short glossary.